4 easy steps to get yourself an earlier driving test date TODAY!'


You must book and pay for a practical driving test first and then we will do the rest. Use the official DVSA booking web site to book and pay for your driving test if you have not already done so.

Choose your plan

Choose which scan you require from 1 hour scan to 1min. 5 Minutes plan is more popular because its recommended

Recieve E-Mails

Receive sms and emails of cancellation dates available in your area and respond.


Confirmation email from dvsa your test is successfully changed

How to Get a Driving Test Earlier Booking:

Test Swap finds hundreds and thousands of requests daily for the submission of early driving tests cancellations. When our automation bot  finds any driving test cancellation on DVSA’s website, we reserve it immediately for our client and text you to inform you about your test and date. If you are willing to give the test on that day, reply to us via text message or e-mail as soon as possible (within 0-15 minutes). But if you are not interested in driving test on the mentioned date, ignore the message and not reply to us. We start looking for another date for you that suits your daily routine.

There is also another way to find driving test earlier booking. You have to check DVSA’s website on your own. This will help you to find early booking free of cost but you have to be very patient. We are not in the collaboration with DVSA, DVLA or any other government agency.

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Change Driving Test

Sometimes, it happens that you have some important or urgent work on the day of your driving test so that you need to change driving test date. If anything like that happens to you, please don’t panic and contact us because Test Swap has some solutions, remember changing a driving test date the DVSA require 3 clear working days.or sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo

Quick Driving Test

  • We have many plans for you like; 30minute scanner, 10minute scanner, 5minute scanner, 1minute scanner, unlimited scans, etc. These all plans are generated for your help to get your date of driving test as soon as possible.
  • You have to choose a plan, and according to your schedule, our system scans the DVSA website by following the mentioned time on it. We try to find the best Centre in your area for your quick driving test.

Book Driving Test Cancellations

Our automation bot has eyes on DVSA website all the day. All the citizens have the authority to check the DVSA website, but no one has enough time to refresh and check it all day. Our automation bot check DVSA all day, and if we find any driving test cancelation in the area and realize that this time is best for you, we submit a reserving request and reserve it for our client and obviously, our client is you

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Some time ago, I applied for my test but got 3 months date and I was in quick to get my test, so far I tried to help from this website and it really worked for me and I got my date 2 months before.
Leah Owen
Leah Owen
"I was in need to get my driving test earlier and this website really made it easy and true. Recommended"
Debra Apple
Debra Apple
"Even with the covid19, I achieved to get a date 4 months before my original scheduled date. I couldn’t be more pleased with the website!"
Keira Finch
Keira Finch