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How To Change The Driving Test In Covid-19 Situation?

Performing the practical driving test is very important to get a driving license in the United Kingdom. But as we all know, this is the situation of covid-19, and the problem is getting worse day by day. With every coming day, the cases of covid-19 are increasing. That’s why many candidates failed to perform their practical driving test due to lockdown and mini lockdowns. At the start of this pandemic, Dvsa stops taking the test, and after 6 weeks, they start taking the test with the proper SOPs. But due to the expansion of this coronavirus, Dvsa stops retaking the tests to avoid more cases. As a result, so many candidates failed to perform the test and started waiting for the opening of Dvsa to get their driving license. 

Driving Tests Before and After the Situation Of Covid-19:

Before starting this tremendous pandemic, Dvsa conducts the tests in the usual way. For example, when a candidate submits the request to get a driving license, Dvsa informs him with the help of an email after paying the charges. Mail sent by Dvsa has information related to the theory test and practical driving test. Also, the time was mentioned, and mostly the time given by the Dvsa was 6 to 7 weeks away from the present day from the submission of the request. 

But now, due to the situation of Covid-19, first of all, you have to test your coronavirus. If the test is negative, you have to vaccinate yourself and then give the negative report with the required information and documents to the Dvsa, they will allow you to perform the practical driving test. But if the covid-19 test is positive, first you will be quarantined and then vaccinated. Then, after the observation of 14 days, you will be tested again, and then you will be allowed to perform your practical driving test to get the license.

How to Perform the Test Earlier with the Help of Test Swap?

In the situation of this tremendous pandemic, Test Swap is here to help you with every future problem. For example, due to lockdown, many candidates are trying to perform their practical driving test but not getting a seat. If you are also facing this kind of situation, get the help of a test swap to book a cancellation to change the driving test dates to perform your driving test earlier. Test Swap will help you to book driving test earlier in this worse situation of Covid-19. In this situation, Test Swap will help you to find the best cancellation according to your own requirements and needs.

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How Does Test Swap Work?

First of all, you have to open our website and choose a scan from the planning section. There are many scanning plans on our website; check all of them and select one according to your demands. After choosing the plan, Test Swap will help you cancel driving test and then find a cancellation to change the dvla driving test dates to perform the practical driving test earlier. All the scanning plans are very cheap and easy to afford. You have to select one, and then you have to pay the charges for it. After the payment of charges, Test Swap will start looking for a suitable cancellation for you. Our average driving test cancellation finding time is 2 days. We’ll notify you within two days about the driving test cancellation and then help you perform the practical driving test earlier in this situation of Covid-19.

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