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Do You Get Your Money Back If You Cancel The Driving Test?

If you want to change your driving test, you have to use these services to change your date or appointment of your driving test. There is also a possibility to change your driving test date according to your area and center as we all know that the coronavirus is spreading very fast worldwide these days, so if you want to change your driving test date, it’s free of cost due to the coronavirus these days.

Three Major Reasons That Why You Should Not Come For the Test:

There are three major reasons why you should not come to perform your driving test. All the reasons are listed below:

  • If you are one of those who live with the person who has covid-19 symptoms or if someone in your house has the symptoms of coronavirus, then you must have to stay in your house and inform the government about your family member as soon as possible to get rid of this deadly virus.
  • If you are recently met with someone, and after that, he/she tested positive for the coronavirus and you are informed by NHSTest and Trace service, then you should stay in your house and contact your doctor. Also, it is necessary to adopt all the SOPs strictly and stay in your house.
  • And the last reason is if you are recently entered the Uk, then according to the rules and regulations of the Uk government, you’ve to be self-isolated or stay under quarantine for 14 days to confirm not having the coronavirus.

How To Change Your Driving Test:

If you want to change your driving test dates, you’ve to access the DVSA website to search for a gov driving test cancellation. This service is only available for those who have the provisional driving test number, theory pass test certificate number, and reference driving test number. If you have all these numbers, then you are able to access the DVSA website; otherwise, not.
This service is only available from 6 am to 11:40 pm. At this time, you’ve to access the DVSA website with the help of the above-mentioned numbers and the search for the gov driving test cancellation.

The Number Of Attempts:

Sometimes, there is a question in the mind of customers that how many times we are able to change our driving test appointment. So the answer is 10. You’re able to change your driving test date and appointment up to 10 times and rebook it.

Refunding By the Government to Cancel the Driving Test:

There are some rules and regulations that are decided by the Uk’s government for those who want to cancel the driving test dates or change the driving test appointments and then claim for a refund. Those rules are listed below:

  • If you have a tight schedule and want to cancel your driving test, then you’ve to give a clear three days notice to claim your refund. The notice must have the confirmation letter from your instructor, traveling charges, etc. By keeping all these things, the government decides to refund your money for your cancellation.
  • If you are looking for the first time, then you must have to pay for your booking. After booking, if you want to change the appointment or cancel your driving test, you’ve to follow the rules in the above-mentioned step, and you’re able to claim your money easily.

Best Website To Get a Guide For The Refund:

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