book driving test cancellations

When Should I Book Driving Test Cancellations After Lockdown?

When the pandemic arrives and starts spreading worldwide, the Uk government has decided to close all the centres for taking the driving tests to avoid more coronavirus cases. Since March, the government put a hold on all tests and then restarted the process and opened the centres of Scotland on the 14th of September, the 13th of September in Wales and the 22nd of July in England.

After opening the centres, DVSA rescheduled those tests that were booked before the Lockdown. But the government wasn’t allowed to restart the tests, so those tests have also been cancelled. 

Almost 210,000 candidates have cancelled their tests during the Lockdown. Also, DVSA cancelled a lot of tests to avoid coronavirus. DVSA informs all those whose tests have been cancelled during Lockdown via email and text messages. Dvsa sent the email to everyone whose test has been cancelled in the Lockdown and gave them the new dates to perform their driving tests. Dvsa opened the booking system again on the 21st of August for the candidates of Wales and England. In the starting, the system crashed due to a huge number of traffic arriving at the same time. Later on, the professional restore all the data and improve the website, but with all those efforts, Dvsa faces many difficulties and challenges because there is a very big number of traffic is there all the time to rebook their driving tests. This will impact the services and rebooking system for the customers who are waiting for months. 

Availability Of Tests On Dvsa:

After all the challenges, if you approach the Dvsa, you realize no booking or tests are available because there is significant traffic. Everyone wants to rebook the driving test, so it is tough and challenging to get a test in such massive traffic. Once you reach the Dvsa customer service, they didn’t give you a rebooking test, and if you will get the test, the mentioned date is almost 2 to 3 months away because all the tests are already booked. 

After facing huge traffic, they start again booking the tests on the 14th of September, but the given time is up to 18 weeks. It’s a very long time to perform the driving test, but candidates accept it because there is no other choice. If there are no tests available in your centre, you should try to search the rebooking in other centres. There is a possibility to get a test date in centres of less populated cities. You should also keep an eye on the DVSA website to get a booking and if you get a free slot, book it as soon as possible. 

book driving test cancellations

What Should You Do If No Test is Available?

According to the recent update by Dvsa, there is a very low possibility for the availability of driving tests. If you want to get a test, there is only a possibility to search for the cancellation and then book driving test cancellations to perform your driving test. There are two ways to search a cancellation; the first one is searching on your own. But it requires a lot of time and patience. While the other one is to hire a driving test cancellation checker. 

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